Grafton’s Environmental Progress so far….

Grafton Merchanting GB recognises the impact that its business activities can have on the Environment and seeks to ensure that we minimise any negative effects of its activities. Grafton Merchanting GB is accredited under ISO 14001 which means that we have an Environmental Management System which complies with international standards.

Carbon reduction

As part of Grafton Merchanting GB’s commitment to improve our environmental performance we have set company objectives that are communicated and addressed throughout the business. The first of these objectives concerns our carbon footprint which is a result of a number of our activities, most notably electricity, gas and fuel usage. Grafton aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 3% per million pounds turnover per year and has been committed to this objective since 2009. This is something that Grafton Merchanting GB has achieved overall as the carbon footprint has decreased by 31.9% over the seven years we have been measuring it, which averages out as 4.6% per year. The pie chart below shows the breakdown per year of reduction in carbon footprint in tonnes of carbon per million pounds turnover. This ranges from an increase of 0.92% in 2013 to a decrease of 11.11% in 2011, so overall we are going in the right direction!

Tonnes of CO2 per £m Turnover

Grafton Merchanting GB’s carbon footprint has been reduced through a number of initiatives. These are as follows;

  • The launch of an `Energy Campaign’ in 2015 which encourages our branches to use less electricity and gas and provides data to help them to compare their usage month by month
  • The beginning of a project to install LED lighting across our business in order to reduce electricity use
  • All vehicles meet the legislative requirements to meet Euro VI emissions standards
  • Company cars all have emissions below 120 grams of CO2 per Kilometre
  • All cars up to Super Executive level have emissions below 120 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre travelled.

Average Recycling Rates 2015

Not wasting our time

Grafton Merchanting GB’s second environmental objective is to increase our recycling rates to 80% per year.

So far, as a wider business Grafton has managed to achieve this target in some areas, but Grafton Merchanting GB still has some way to go, although improvements have been made. We hope to increase our recycling rates through the following means;

  • Grafton Merchanting GB has a national contract with Biffa who provide `waste audits’ as part of our contract. This ensures that staff at any branch audited are fully briefed on the most efficient ways to reduce and recycle waste. Where waste is not segregated correctly, Biffa will endeavour to `recover’ any recyclable materials found in the general waste
  • A new project is being rolled out across the business whereby skips will be replaced with `front end loaders’ for dry mixed recycling and for general waste. Scheduled collections will then be arranged so that general waste is only picked up at alternative collections. It is hoped that this will further encourage recycling at branches
  • A monthly Environmental Newsletter is sent round the business and aims to educate and motivate staff at all levels to segregate waste appropriately and re-use or recycle wherever possible
  • Grafton Merchanting GB has around 30 baling machines at our larger branches to increase recycling of cardboard and plastic.