Air Management

Air & Sound Testing

Part L changes

Part L of the Building Regulations requires all new dwellings to be tested for air permeability (air tightness).

Under the revised Regulations* an overall reduction in energy consumption is likely to mean that previous assumed values for air tightness will no longer be acceptable and an air test will need to be completed for Building Control approval.

If the development has more than one unit then multiple tests may be required. The number of tests is based on defining different dwelling types and the prescribed sampling method from Part L.

Buildbase have teamed up with Chiltern Dynamics to offer an air tightness testing which meets these revised regulations:

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Sound testing also offered

Part E of the Building Regulations requires new dwellings and conversions to demonstrate sound insulation of party walls and/or floors. For new dwellings, it may be possible to pay to use Robust Details, but if not, pre-completion sound tests will be needed on 10% of the units.