Polypipe HR01 appliances warm fresh air drawn into the building with the heat from waste stale air using the efficient counter flow heat exchanger. This reduces the need for heating.

HR01 appliances also significantly increase quality of life within the home by delivering fresh, oxygenated, pre-warmed and filteredair to the living and sleeping areas through Polypipe duct systems.

Air Management

Whole House Heat Recovery

HR01 Heat Recovery Ventilation

HR01 is a high efficiency range of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) appliances which forms part of Polypipe’s energy-saving, sustainable ventilation systems.

The units are among the quietest on the market and are lightweight and compact for simple, easy installation in kitchen eye-level cupboards or lofts. There are four appliances available:

A range of tamperproof control sensors ensure the system runs optimally all year round and all appliances are offered with a three year warranty as standard.

HR01 appliances have been approved in Best Practice compliant by the EST.



HR01 Heat Recovery Ventilation