Chain of Custody

Where does it all start?

With the Forest


What is Chain of Custody (CoC)?

It is exactly what it sounds like, an unbroken and documented chain of ownership (custody) all the way from the forest, via the mill the importer and the supplier(s) to the end user.




What is the link between the Grafton brands and the Certified Forest Chain of Custody?


Timber Chain of Custody

The UK Government timber procurement policy requires as a condition of contract that all virgin timber or ‘non-recycled’ timber must come from legal sources. It also provides the option of a variant specification for sustainable timber, but this is not obligatory. The government defines sustainable timber as recycled wood and/or virgin timber from a well-managed forest

GMGB Limited supports both FSC or PEFC and recognises them as truly independent forest certification systems. You can be sure that when you buy timber or timber based products labelled with those all important letters (FSC or PEFC) you are saying:

What are the benefits of the FSC or PEFC labels?