GMGB Environmental Strategy

It has over recent years become increasingly evident that the continuing pollution of the environment could endanger the quality of life of future generations.

Governments and other organisations in many countries are now more aware of the impact of past ignorance regarding environmental matters and increasingly have become more environmentally active.

In recognition of this, Grafton Merchanting GB (GMGB) has developed this Environmental Strategy which indicates the policy and proposals regarding conservation for the future, throughout its operations.


Environmental Strategy Statement

GMGB are committed to the prevention and reduction of pollution and to continual improvement of its environmental management system. This will include an ongoing programme to reduce carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption in our premises.


The GMGB Director responsible for Health, Safety and Environmental issues will:

The GMGB Head of Health, Safety and Environment will:

GMGB branches, in conjunction with the Health, Safety and Environmental manager and Branch Environmental Champions will: