Solar Heating

Renewable energy has a key part to play in reducing CO2 emissions and the installation of solar technology is an effective way of reducing a building’s carbon footprint whilst providing effective energy saving solutions to reduce domestic fuel costs.

Home owners and house buyers may also consider the fact that houses with solar technology are able help reduce the effect of rapid increases in domestic fuel prices so the value of the property is likely to increase as a result.


The Benefits of Installing Solar Water Heating

Many people believe that solar panels only work in the summer but solar energy is available throughout the year. From May through to September, Solar energy can produce up to 100% of the energy required for heating your domestic water. Solar thermal collectors operate not just with direct sunlight, but also diffused sunlight, so they will also work on cloudy days. On average a Solar thermal system can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs per year, for free!



Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a new Government proposal intended for introduction in 2011 to encourage homeowners to produce renewable heat. It will be a payment for generating heat from renewable sources. Like the Feed-In Tariffs, it is set by Government and will be administered by the official regulator Ofgem and paid for directly by the Treasury. The proposed scheme will pay a fixed income for every kilowatt hour of heat produced. The homeowner benefits in two main ways:

An announcement for the final details of the scheme is expected to be made in early 2011. For more information please visit the website for the department of energy and climate change at


Quick and safe installation

Vitosol tube collectors are delivered in a modular design. An innovative plug-in system enables the simple and quick installation of the Vitosol 300-T tubes, without requiring tools or having to open the header casing. Plug the tubes into the manifold – click – done. The individual tubes can then be rotated for optimum alignment with the sun. The stainless steel corrugated plug-in connectors interconnect the individual collectors.

Making the most of solar energy To convert the maximum amount of solar energy into heat, every tube can be optimally aligned to the sun, which maximises the energy utilisation. The highly effective thermal insulation in the header casing minimises heat losses, particularly in the months of spring, autumn, and cold winter.


Evacuated Solar Tubes

Evacuated solar tubes are more expensive than solar flat plate collectors but are more efficient, particularly in overcast conditions.

The new Varisol combines Thermomax DF vacuum tubes with a unique modular manifold for increased flexibility in system design and installation, whilst retaining their top quality performance. The design of the Varisol product offers a modern and flexible alternative wherever a rigid manifold system cannot be installed due to space limitations. Quick and easy to install, Varisol allows individual tubes to be simply ‘clicked’ together to create solar panels of varying sizes. This means collectors can be sized to the exact needs of the end user. Benefits for everyone Total flexibility and high performance are not the only benefits of this unique new design. The combination of high performance polymer materials and ‘click-fit’ technology creates a product that is easier to order, store and install and is also more environmentally friendly.


Benefits to the Installer

Benefits to the customer

Benefits for the environment

Solar Cylinders

Solar cylinders have been designed specifically for solar thermal applications. Featuring a purpose designed solar coil which allows maximum heat transfer of solar energy into the stored water, the cylinders are suitable for use with a wide range of solar systems now available in the UK and are an efficient and environmentally friendly way of providing domestic hot water. Ultrasteel Solar cylinders also offer the benefit of mains pressure hot water – powerful showers and fast filling baths.

Solar cylinders are available in a range of sizes from 180 to 300 litres and in Direct or Indirect versions. Ultrasteel Solar cylinders are manufactured from high grade Duplex stainless steel and come with a 25 year fully transferable Guarantee on the inner container.

Ultrasteel Solar Cylinders are designed to accept heat input from a renewable/ sustainable (ie: Solar) heat source.

Where this input does not fully meet the desired temperature a guaranteed quantity of water can be heated to an acceptable temperature by the householders traditional heat source of gas, oil or electricity.

The Domestic Heating Compliance Guide document L1A and L1B provides excellent advice in sizing both cylinder designated solar areas and heat exchangers to the surface area of the solar collectors.