Solar PV

A Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system uses energy from the sun to generate electricity for use in the home. It relies on daylight to generate power through the use of photovoltaic cells within roof-mounted panels. The collectors are simple to install, and they fix to a roof in the same way that Solar Thermal panels do.

An inverter (usually situated in the loft) converts the DC current, generated from the solar panels, into a useable AC current that can be used to provide power in the home or alternatively exported to the national grid.


How ‘Green’ is Grant Solar PV?

Grant Solar power is a renewable energy source that does not require the burning of fossil fuels and does not leave a carbon footprint as it generates no carbon dioxide. It makes no noise, emits no pollutants, creates no waste and uses no fuel, thus meaning it is a VERY green energy supply.


Solar solution

Forticrete has launched a new range of integrated PV Roofing panels specifically designed to work along its sustainable Gemini twin concrete tile, that produces 40% less C02 emissions in manufacture for every square metre of roof, compared to conventional concrete plain tiles. The new solar solution can also be installed alongside the company’s popular Minislate concrete products.

Forticrete’s Gemini Solar System is made with interlocks that prevent the need to cut tiles on site, making it quick and easy to fit; the system can be installed by just one person, enabling reduced labour costs. Using the module there is no interruption of the roof tile lines and the colour is seamlessly integrated with the Gemini or Minislate tiles.