Sustainable Products

Doors & Windows


All our timber based m aterial suppliers are obligated to ensure that, as a minimum, wood is sourced in accordance with local legal forestry and logging controls.

Supplying timber products under an environmental Chain of Custody offers assurance that an independently audited route to market is being followed.

Modern moulded hardboard faced doors in par ticular are recognised as the most popular cost effective design choice, and these, like windows from Premdor, now carry a full Chain of Custody certification.


Softwood Windows

Softwood Windows Timber windows are increasingly becoming the specifiers preferred choice. Where the code for sustainable homes forms part of the development brief, timber products score highly, for both sustainability and thermal performance. All Premdor softwood windows now come with full “chain of custody” certification and are fully guaranteed against fungal rot and manufacturing defects. The range combines quality, safety and energy saving efficiency in a cost effective package that is ideal for use where sustainable products are required and they make an important contribution to the code.


Roof Windows

The high quality materials and state of the ar t production techniques ensure excellent quality control and give a durable, safe and functional roof window that, together with its unrivalled insulation properties, is breaking new ground in roof window design and construction. FAKRO roof windows are also increasingly used in modern buildings and new houses. A wide choice of quality standard size windows as well as a wide variety of non-standard sizes and shapes are available.