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Natural Light

Light Tunnel

The light tunnel is a completely new product in Fakro’s range. It is designed to supply interior spaces with an improved amount of natural light. The application of such skylights makes it possible to illuminate poorly lit rooms in the building, even those which cannot be fitted with roof windows or vertical windows. Dimly lit interiors such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, corridors, staircases or basements can be particularly uncomfortable to use. Thanks to the light tunnel the natural light gets into the building enhancing the user’s comfort and also provides them with energy cost savings.


How does it work?

The SLT light tunnel conveys the daylight which gets into the light transmitting tube through the dome mounted onto the roof. The sun’s rays are reflected from the walls of the flexible, reflective tube and are then directed downwards onto the light diffuser. The diffuser, fitted into the ceiling, spreads the light evenly illuminating the whole interior. The light tunnel may also be used at night, after installing a light kit.


Key features and benefits