Sustainable Product SOLUTIONS


Buildbase supply a wide range and variety of plasterboard products all of which can contribute to the strict targets set by the building regulatory requirements and code for sustainable homes including:


Acoustic (reducing sound transference)

Lafarge drywall systems provide the solution for problems in acoustic design. They have a proven track record in buildings where high acoustic subdivision is absolutely essential.

Lafarge Acoustic Floor is one of the simplest high-performance sound insulating floor systems available. It has wide applications in new-build, conversion, and particularly remedial work, where an improved sound rating is required. Lafarge Acoustic Floor adds only 6mm to the overall floor thickness, so it can be accommodated in existing buildings without expensive alterations to internal joinery.


Thermal (reducing heat loss)

Lafarge dryliner wall lining systems provide simple and low-cost solutions to deal with the most challenging of thermal problems.

These systems can overcome condensation, deal with walls which are out of true and provide thermal insulation - all at once. At the same time electrical and mechanical services can be easily concealed in the cavity.

Lafarge Drywall also minimises disturbance in refurbishment work, where the application of wet trades can cause considerable interruption, time delay and inconvenience.


Fire Protection (improving safety and security)

All Lafarge plasterboards are defined as Class 0 and the Gypsum cores are classified as non-combustible. Where higher levels of fire protection are required, Lafarge Firecheck wallboard or Lafarge Firecheck Coreboard may be specified.

Using Lafarge plasterboards, between 30 minutes and 120 minutes fire resistance can be achieved in walls, partitions and ceilings and up to 180 minutes fire resistance on encasements. Fixed either to timber framing, or to cost-effective Lafarge Cormet frameworks, Lafarge plasterboards provide an economical solution to most fire protection needs.