Water Management & Recycling Solutions


Manufactured from recycled materials

In line with environmental considerations, Ecoblock systems are manufactured from fully UV stabilised, 100% recycled, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is chemically inert and can be located in the ground without long term damage to the surrounding soils. Ecoblock systems are also fade resistant, providing longer-lasting aesthetically pleasing solutions.


Load bearing capacity

Ecoblock systems have a load bearing capacity of up to 1850kN/m2 or 185 tonnes/m2, making them suitable for access by emergency vehicles, such as fire engines. This is due in part to the 8mm thick cell walls and the integral support ‘feet’ which provide the strength and stability needed to cope with high vehicle loadings.


Design flexibility

The Ecoblock unit’s HDPE construction means that individual units can be easily cut to achieve complex shapes and curves on site. This facility, combined with the staggered joint capability of the Ecoblock units, ensures that almost any landscaping requirement can be fulfilled.

Manufactured in either green or black as standard, Ecoblock units can be supplied in alternative colours (subject to minimum order quantities). In gravel applications, units can provide both visual contrast or co-ordination with decorative gravel infills. Eco Markers are also available for demarcation in applications such as car parks or helipads.


Improved visual appearance

The cellular structure of the Ecoblock systems is such that 84% of the surface area is available for infill. In grass applications, this provides excellent grass coverage, rendering the Ecoblock system almost invisible once grass growth is fully established.


Lightweight & easy to handle

The lightweight HDPE construction of the Ecoblock units makes them not only easy to handle and cut to shape, but also simple to stack and transport to site. Furthermore, the Ecoblock systems’ manageable size makes it quicker, and hence cheaper, to install.


Key benefits of the Ecoblock systems

System Components


Ecoblock 50

Ecoblock 80

Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Height (mm)



Units per m2



Colours available*



*Other colours available subject to minimum order quantities


Ancillary Products

Ecopin Locking Pins

To secure the positive interlock between units and prevent lateral displacement


Ecomarker Demarcation Inserts

For demarcation of car parking bays, helipads, borders, etc.

Available in white and black (other colours available subject to minimum order quantities)