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Rainwater Harvesting

Conservation of water is becoming a more important topic. We are increasingly experiencing extremes of flooding and draught, and there is an increasing urgency to control and reuse water in our homes where possible, rather than allow it to be wasted. For example, a running tap can waste 14 litres of water every minute, or a garden sprinkler can get through 1000 litres in an hour!


Titan Domestic Water Storage Solutions

Titan offers the full range of domestic water storage solutions from the 100ltr space saving waterbutt, to their underground rainstores providing an in-expensive underground storage and delivery system.

These products are tough, durable and specifically designed for the purpose of rainwater harvesting. Consumers and property owners can do their bit for the environment, reduce water charges and avoid the inconvenience of hosepipe bans.


2800ltr Underground RainStore System

The RainStore is a new, underground rainwater storage and delivery system from Titan Environmental. It will collect rainwater from the roof via the existing guttering and downpipe system on the property. The integral leaf filter will remove unwanted debris washed down from the roof, thus ensuring good quality stored water.

The system is supplied with a 30 meter hose fitting, connected to the integral water pump. A simple on/off switch will operate the pump, allowing it to deliver the stored water under pressure to where it is needed.

The system can be used all year round to water the garden, operate a sprinkler or wash the car.


280ltr RainStore - 280ltr domestic rainwater storage tank

The 280ltr RainStore is a smart and practical solution for any property which has garden watering requirements. The classic barrel style product also offers a child safe lockable lid. It fits on a convenient RainStore stand which can be ordered separately.


Halsted Rain Ltd - Aboveground Rainwater Harvesting

Halsted Rain produce a super slim urban rainwater harvesting system which is ideal as a simple retrofit solution, especially where space is restricted. Several tanks (each storing 220liters) can be linked together in a modular design. The stored water can then be used externally in the garden or pumped back into the home to provide water saving solutions for domestic functions such as toilet flushes and for use in washing machines.

The Halsted system is installed into an existing downpipe and a frogmouth diverter filters the water before it enters the storage tank. The tanks also incorporate overflow sensors and backflow prevention features to safeguard the quality of the stored water.

The Halsted rain water harvesting system is simple to install and maintain due to its above ground location and modular quality components. When a service requires water then a pump automatically draws it from the tank and pumps it into the home. In the event that domestic water demand exceeds the availability of stored rainwater then a mains water valve opens to ensure that the tank remains partly filled.


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