Dedicated Service Options

Dedicated Service Options

Grafton recognises that each customer has their own unique requirements and believes in adapting solutions to meet their needs. Central to this is listening to what is important to customers in achieving their goals. Grafton has developed a tried and tested suite of dedicated counter and stores options that can help each customer achieve their goals.

Stores Solutions


It is the law that “a Comparable Pension Scheme” is provided for TUPE staff. GMGB offer a GAD (Government Actuary’s Department) Certificated pension.

Grafton Merchanting GB


Branch Stores

Buildbase currently operates a number of standalone stores in local branches with dedicated trade counter and warehousing facilities for its partners. These have been built and stocked exclusively for these customers and are managed by fully trained, knowledgeable staff. All our clients’ product requirements are kept in one place so there is no need to travel to multiple locations. The materials in these stores are owned and controlled by Buildbase so that partners no longer have money tied up in stock or risk damage and loss.

Key Benefits

Customer On-site Stores

Where a partner requires, it may be appropriate to set up and operate a dedicated stores at the customer’s premises or a dedicated unit local to the housing stock. Once again these are manned by fully trained and experienced personnel. The stores are run as a mini-branch with Buildbase staff handling all stock control and order processing. Suppliers and manufacturers deliver direct to the stores with backup from the local GMGB businesses.

Key Benefits

Dedicated Trade Counter

For some of our customers a more cost-effective solution is to provide a dedicated trade counter service within the existing GMGB branch. This again is manned by GMGB fully trained staff with a dedicated area within the existing warehouse and store for the customer’s materials. By using the dedicated counter and the ‘call and collect’ service, operatives are not kept waiting to collect materials.

Key Benefits


e-TradingWherever possible, GMGB businesses employ e-trading when dealing with partnering customers. As well as the obvious advantages - speed and reduction of stationery and handling costs - e-commerce has enabled the introduction of efficient new technologies. These include automatic document matching of orders against invoices and deliveries, improved visibility for supply chain transactions and pricing and increased security.

An e-trading portal solution has been installed which allows Grafton brands to electronically exchange key business documents such as orders, invoices, credits, delivery notes and statements, with suppliers and customers.

If required electronic systems can be set up to more carefully control stock via job numbers and validity periods.

Purchase Cards

Grafton recognises the need for businesses to operate more efficiently and drive down the cost of low value procurement. Through Buildbase, PDM, Civils & Lintels brands, Grafton is able to accept GPC purchase cards and bank purchase cards.

Purchase cards are issued by the customer’s bank to nominated staff. Each has monthly and transaction spending limits. With your bank you can also restrict individual cardholders to individual trade categories, e.g. office stationery or equipment.

When working with Grafton some major contractors and social housing customers have introduced a policy where all small orders are processed on purchase cards.

The key benefits are:

Grafton Procurement ID Card


The Grafton Procurement ID card is a tool that enables organisations to procure goods efficiently and effectively. It reduces ordering time, enables faster document delivery and reduces paperwork and administration costs.

The card empowers users with full accountability with appropriate levels of control. Management information reports produce a clear audit trail, identify how much was spent, on what products, date of transaction, users ID and individual job costing data. Goods are charged to the client’s normal credit account so no additional accounts are required. Clients are secure in the knowledge that goods will only be supplied on presentation of a live ID card. The card can be used at any Buildbase or Civils & Lintels depot nationwide.

Each card is logged on to the Grafton secure procurement card registration system. Each time a cardholder requires materials the card number is instantly checked against the live file to ensure the card is active and the user is able to purchase on the company’s behalf.


The procurement card system can be fully bespoke.
Each card can be set individual transaction limits for control by trade or job function.


Mobile & Web Based Solutions

Grafton is able to offer its clients an easy and cost-efficient way to manage and order van stock and materials for use on housing repair contracts. Customers include housing associations, local councils with housing stock and commercial contractors.

The Solution
As operatives use stock from their vans, they send an update on the PDA, which has all the stock items preloaded, and the system automatically sends a replenishment order to Grafton.

Benefits to Customers
This service removes the need for customers to manage their own building materials supplies, saving the cost of running their own warehouse. It minimises off-job time for operatives, gives fast replenishment of van stock, and offers just in time ordering to improve cash flow. Less manual intervention in turn reduces the incidence of human error.

For boiler spares parts identification, Grafton recommends iBASIS. This is a comprehensive database of boiler and spares information for gas and oil appliances installed throughout the UK, now available online. Whether you are a contractor, engineer, stockist, local authority or social landlord with your own maintenance team, the iBASIS site contains all the information needed to rapidly and accurately identify requirements for heating boiler spare parts.

Prices updated daily – iBASIS is able to ensure that the published price on the website is as up-to-date and as accurate as the information provided to the trade by the manufacturers, ensuring that the trade price you see is correct. iBASIS has a team of people ensuring the most up-to-date appliance information is uploaded on to the website as soon as possible after the information is released by the manufacturer.

Appliance exploded views - iBASIS provides high quality exploded view diagrams from which to easily identify the part you need. Using a database of hundreds of thousands of accurately priced parts, you will know the manufacturer’s part number, the GC number, if available, the description, the trade price, and often, a photo of the actual part.

Photographs of parts - iBASIS has high quality photographs of thousands of the parts in everyday use, helping to ensure you locate the right part and helping to prevent the costly mistake of ordering the wrong ones.

Fault-finding charts, wiring diagrams and installation instructions - If your engineers are on site and the manuals are not available you can view these on line on the iBASIS website for many manufacturers’ boilers.

Part key word search - iBASIS has created a unique key word search to enable you to find the parts you need..